Monday, June 6, 2011

Capoeira Presentation for WORLD ART FESTIVAL At AL-FATH School

May 26, 2011

This was amazing day for Bantus Capoeira Indonesia to Join World Art Festival at AL-FATH School. Audience around 400 hundred student watching the presentation. We so enjoying the time. We shared knowledge about capoeira, samba, percussion. They so interest to know more about capoeira. We really had a great time in there. This some of picture in there.

How interest to learn capoeira

Trying how to play Atabaque

Trying how to play Pandeiro

Learn how to play Berimbau

Certificate for Bantus Capoeira Indonesia
 For more picture visit us :

Hope see all al fath student at Bantus Capoeira Indonesia class. :)

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